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Life Enhancing Meditations CD

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Life Enhancing Meditations CD


The guided Life Enhancing Meditations CD embraces the science of feeling whole and being aware of the immutable link between mind, body, and spirit. The ability to experience this state promotes both healing and inspiration. These guided meditations, based on the teachings of ISHTA Yoga, will help you to experience this sense of wholeness, so you can look beyond the surface of who you think you are and realize that in each moment you are complete."" - Yogiraj Alan Finger.

Yogiraj Alan Finger is a second generation Yoga Master who began a lifelong study in his native South Africa under the tutelage of his father, Kavi Yogiraj Mani Finger. He has spent his life studying the yogic traditions, along with the scientific study of postures, breathing, and meditation. A Western Yoga Master, Alan developed ISHTA Yoga, the “Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda.” Yogiraj Finger founded Yoga Zone in 1990, and founded Be Yoga In 2001.

The Life Enhancing Meditations CD is part of the Yoga Masters Meditation Series of audio programs.  These programs are powerful, guided meditations led by teachers from the most respected Yoga schools in the world. Their words, energized by deep personal experience, will lead both novice and experienced practitioner into deeper states of peace, insight, and awakening.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Yogiraj Alan Finger
Label: The Relaxation Company

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Life Enhancing Meditations CD:

1. Introduction (4:56)
2. Ishta Diksha (17:28)
3. Chakra Bhedana Meditation (18:20)
4. Satyam Meditation (16:10)
5. Closing Words (0:36)

Total Running Time: 57:47


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