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Aromatherapy Bath Products

Aromatherapy Bubble Bath

Aromatherapy Bubble BathSoak your worries away in our Aromatherapy Bubble Baths, made with 100% pure essential oils.

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Aromatherapy Foam Bath

Aromatherapy Foam BathAdding the appeal of bubbles to an all-natural and gentle aromatherapy bath product, these foam baths will leave your skin soft and silky smooth.

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Aromatherapy Body Polish

Aromatherapy Body PolishThis is a scrub like no other! Organic, Fair Trade Certifiedô sugar cane granules lift away dull skin as creamy shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E restore your skin's vitality and radiance.

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Aromatherapy Body Wash

Aromatherapy Body WashGently cleanse your body with our Aromatherapy Body Washes - perfect for showering.

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