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Aromatherapy Massage Products

Massage Creams

Aromatherapy Massage CreamsOur all-natural, uniquely smooth Massage Creams melt upon skin contact into a velvety rich, creamy oil that provides a luxurious, long-lasting "glide" during massage. These nourishing jojoba-based creams are great for skin care too.

Massage Oils

Aromatherapy Massage OilsOur expertly blended pure essential oils and all-natural vegetable oils are true multipurpose oils -- perfectly suited for massage, body care and baths.

Skin Care Oils

Skin Care OilsOur pure and natural skin care oils are the perfect base for creating individualized massage oil blends. Or use alone as bath oil or to moisturize the skin after cleansing.

Precious Essentials Massage

Precious Essentials Massage ProductsTransform your home into a spa with our Precious Essentials Body Care. These rare, exotic aromas create an undeniably sensual atmosphere.