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About Us

Our Mission:
Serenity Supply has only one goal and that is to help you relax. Through the power of effective Music and Sound Therapy, you can relieve stress, get fit or just make the most out of a social get-together! We are always working to provide the most effective and appropriate media to help encourage a more relaxed environment and healthier life.

Our Products:
Serenity Supply specializes in relaxing and specialty media music designed specifically to help you relax and get the most out of your life. Our music selection features CD’s with sound healing properties which can be beautiful music, rich authentic sounds of nature or even certain tones that have been proven in the medical community to help individuals reach deep levels of relaxation, strong mental clarity and even restful sleep.

Our Pricing:
Our Product Managers continually strive to find new and exciting products that can help you improve your life. Every new item is closely scrutinized before Serenity Supply will make it available for sale to our customers. Finally we shop the competition to make sure we can bring these products to you at the most competitive prices. Not only do our products help you relieve stress, but knowing you’re always getting competitive pricing takes the stress out of the shopping experience too!

A Note from Management:
We continue to grow and strive for excellence in customer service so your feedback is very important to us. We welcome your questions and comments, requests for product recommendations and anything else that may be on your mind. Whether you can find your answers here on our website or by contacting us directly, we are anxious to assist you.

Yours very truly,