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100% Pure Essential Oils

100% Pure Essential OilsEssential oils may well be the ultimate gift from nature. Made from the aromatic essences of plants, they have a remarkable ability to affect a person's well-being and improve the environment around them. Explore our many essential oils that can help you achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Precious Essentials

Precious Essentials Essential OilsOur Precious Essentials line of essential oils provide affordable and convenient aromatherapy experiences with the most prized essential oils. Expertly blended with jojoba oil, they are ready-to-use right out of the bottle. Ideal for every kind of skin application, these oils should appeal to both experienced and new aromatherapy users.

Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil BlendsThese expertly-formulated blends of top-quality essential oils take advantage of the natural synergies among certain aromas to deliver a wide variety of the most sought-after aromatherapy benefits.

Essential Solutions

Essential Solutions Essential OilsEleven synergistic blends of 100% pure essential oils carefully crafted to provide specific aromatherapy benefits. Featuring colorful packaging and fun names, these blends offer aromatherapy relief for all of life's situations.