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Sounds of the Earth: Rainforest CD

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Sounds of the Earth: Rainforest CD


The Rainforest CD by Sounds of the Earth brings you the rich, lush sounds of the rainforest.  Tropical birds, flowing streams, thunder and of course rain make up this wonderful soundtrack of rainforest sounds.

Rainforest: Stillness - Track 1
Here the rainforest shows its quiet side with the calm and distant sounds of tropical birds, a stream, and the rustling of leaves.

Rainforest: Rainfall - Track 2
In this track the rainforest comes alive as the sounds of the rainforest get heavier and louder. More birds appear and a tropical cloudburst with heavy thunder and showers of rain passes over. After the storm, the rainforest is left cleansed and calm with the leaves still dripping.

The Rainforest CD is part of the Sounds of the Earth series of nature sound recordings. There is no music, no voices, and no manmade sounds. Sounds of the Earth bids you welcome to the wild and the fragile sounds of nature.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Med Goodall
Label: Oreade Music

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Sounds of the Earth: Rainforest CD

1. Rainforest: Stillness
2. Rainforest: Rainfall

Total Running Time: 49:52


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