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Sounds of the Earth: Mountain Stream CD

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Sounds of the Earth: Mountain Stream CD


The Mountain Stream CD by Sounds of the Earth showcases the journey of a mountain stream as it begins high atop the mountain and pouring down the canyon walls where it finally comes to rest as a vibrant woodland stream.

The Lowlands - Track 1
Moor tops and rolling hills at the foot of the mountain. The cold, shallow stream tumbles over rocks and pebbles. In the distance, the faint sounds of grouse and other birds of prey frolic and sing as the stream pours over small waterfalls.

The Highlands - Track 2
As the climb gets higher, the air swirls around the canyons and rocky passages. The birdcalls become more distant and sparse. The stream tumbles through waterfalls as the echo of the bird song can now only be heard below, echoing against the cliff walls.

The Mountain Stream CD is part of the Sounds of the Earth series of nature sound recordings. There is no music, no voices, and no manmade sounds. Sounds of the Earth bids you welcome to the wild and the fragile sounds of nature.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Med Goodall
Label: Oreade Music

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Sounds of the Earth: Mountain Stream CD:

1. The Lowlands
2. The Highlands

Total Running Time: 49:43


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