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Pachelbel: Forever by the Sea CD

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Pachelbel: Forever by the Sea CD


The Pachelbel: Forever by the Sea CD serenely blends the peaceful sounds of the sea with seven delicate arrangements of Pachelbelís renowned Canon. Combining the soothing surf with Johann Pachelbels Canon, one of the most peaceful and mesmerizing classical compositions of all time, Michael Maxwell and Dan Gibson have truly created a listening experience that is both majestic and tranquil.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Michael Maxwell, Dan Gibson
Label:†Solitudes (Somerset Entertainment)

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Pachelbel: Forever by the Sea†CD:

1. The Canon Stirs
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. In a Protected Cove
4. Forever by the Sea
5. Ancient Harbor
6. Timeless and Free
7. The Beckoning Sea

Total Running Time: 52:08


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