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Natural Stress Relief CD

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Natural Stress Relief CD


The Natural Stress Relief CD by Solitudes was scientifically crafted to take you from a stressful state to a stress-free state. Use it at work for a 10-minute “stress break” or use it at home when you simply want to relax.

As part of the ""Music for Your Health"" series, the Natural Stress Relief CD was developed under the guidance of Dr. Lee Bartel, Ph.D., an expert in cognitive and emotional response to music.  The scientific principles of body rhythm entrainment combined with nature sounds and delightful music make the Natural Stress Relief CD a natural tonic for those times when you feel truly overwhelmed.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: David Bradstreet, Dan Gibson, Dr. Lee R. Bartel
Label: Solitudes (Somerset Entertainment)

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Natural Stress Relief CD:

1. Inner Sea
2. Unwinding Stream
3. Velvet Rain
4. Sienna Sky

Total Running Time: 59:56


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