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Meditations for Everyday Mindfulness CD

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Meditations for Everyday Mindfulness CD


The Meditations for Everyday Mindfulness CD by Beryl Bender Birch uses guided meditations to help you relax, focus and be more mindful throughout the day, every day.

Yoga pioneer and best-selling author Beryl Bender Birch will guide you through her favorite meditation programs, helping you to relax, focus and be more mindful of whatever you are doing, not just during yoga class or meditation, but throughout the day, every day.  Based on principles from a variety of meditative traditions, Beryl's guidance offers a practice for quieting and focusing your mind, gaining a greater awareness of your ""self"", and connecting you with the present moment - where the true joys of life are lived.

Beryl Bender Birch is the best-selling author of Power Yoga and Beyond Power Yoga and is one of the most popular yoga teachers in the United Sates.  Beryl coined the term ""Power Yoga"" in the late 1980's (along with Bryan Kest) as a way for ""Western minds"" to relate to the (then obscure) ancient practice of Astanga yoga.  She is the founder/director of The Hard & Soft Astanga Yoga Institute in New York City, East Hampton and Vermont, and has been practicing yoga since 1971. In 2000 Beryl was named one of seven American women ""innovators shaping yoga today"".  She currently writes the Asana column for Yoga Journal.

The Meditations for Everyday Mindfulness CD is part of the Yoga Masters Meditation Series of audio programs which are powerful guided meditations led by teachers from the most respected Yoga schools in the world. Their words, energized by deep personal experience, will lead both novice and experienced practitioner into deeper states of peace, insight and awakening.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Beryl Bender Birch
Label: The Relaxation Company

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Meditations for Everyday Mindfulness CD:

1. Introduction to Everyday Mindfulness
2. How to Chant OM
3. Japa Yoga: Chanting the Mantra OM
4. Pranayama: Conscious Breathing
5. Tonglen: The Practice of Sending and Receiving

Total Running Time: 70:21


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