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Celtic Lullaby CD

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Celtic Lullaby CD


The Celtic Lullaby CD is sure to coax your children to sleep with authentic Celtic lullabies from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Lovely multi-part harmonies, a cappella solos and instrumentals on harps and flutes provide a treasury of poetic Celtic sound.

Ethereal and enduring, each of these lullabies has a melody that delights and lingers within the listener. The Boston Globe called this compilation ""The sleeper of the year"" because as soothing as these songs are to a child, they will also satisfy and please a parent. Harps, whistles, mandolins and flutes create crystalline textures, and the Gaelic lyrics translations provided give insight into linguistic rhythms, shades of meaning, and even historical reference.

The Celtic Lullaby CD has been awarded the Parents' Choice award by the Parent's Choice Foundation.

A portion of each sale of the Celtic Lullaby CD goes to helping Ellipsis Arts & Childreach to support children in developing countries around the world.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: Ellipsis Arts

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Track Listing:

Celtic Lullaby CD:

1. Night Night & Einini - Tommy Sands
2. Mi Gysgi Di 'Maban (You’ll Sleep, My Baby) - Plethyn
3. Mullach A' Tsí (On Top of the Fairy Mound) - Garry O'Briain & Padraigin Ni Uallachain
4. Hishie Ba - Jean Redpath
5. Morag's Cradle Song/Water Kilpie - Margie Butler
6. Si Hei Lwli - Dafydd Iwan
7. Crodh An Tailleir (The Tailor’s Dowry) - Mac-Talla
8. Hush Ye, My Bairnie - Ann Mayo Muir
9. Now I Am Asleep - Chris Norman
10. Do Chuirfinnse Féin (I Would Lay (My Child to Sleep)) - Parson's Hat
11. Dream Angus - Moira Craig
12. Deirín Dé - Jill Rogoff
13. Ellen's Dreams - Alison Kinaird
14. Arrane Saveenagh (Slumber Song) - Emma Christian
15. Suo Gân (Lullaby) - Tudur Morgan
16. Seoithín Agus Seoithin – Garry O‘ Briain and Pádraigin Ni Uallachain
17. Taladh Chriosda (Christ Child Lullaby) - Margo Carruthers
18. Griogal Cridh (Darling Gregor) - Mac-Talla

Total Running Time: 52:57


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