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Brazilian Lullaby CD

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Brazilian Lullaby CD


The Brazilian lullaby CD reflects the richness, beauty, and entrancing rhythms that have made Brazilian music so popular worldwide. From gentle Bossa Novas to soothing Sertanejo, even a song from the Guarani Indians recorded in the rain forest, this rare collection will envelope you and your child in a magical world of music for sleeping and dreaming. Gentle vocals are accompanied by Berimbau, Viola Caipira, Vibrophone, Bandolim, Cavaquinho, Guitar, Flute, and more...

Features Arnaldo Antunes, Luiz Bueno, Paulo Tatit, Sandra Peres, Tomaz Lima, Monica Salmaso, and other acclaimed artists.

The notes include original lyrics and English translations.

The Brazilian lullaby CD has been awarded the Parents' Choice award by the Parent's Choice Foundation.

A portion of each sale of the Brazilian lullaby CD goes to helping Ellipsis Arts & Childreach to support children in developing countries around the world.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: Ellipsis Arts

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Brazilian Lullaby CD:

1. Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha (If This Street Were Mine) - Tomaz Lima
2. Soneca (Sleepy) - Monica Salmaso
3. Pro Nene Nanar (For Baby to Sleep) - Geraldo Leite
4. Acalanto (Lullaby) - Priscilla Ermel
5. Nhanderu Rymbaje (Bird of God) - Tenonde Pora
6. Bambalalo - Grupo Roda Piao
7. Paula Sonhando (Paula Dreaming) - Luiz Bueno
8. Dorme (Sleep) - Arnaldo Antunes/Zaba Moreau
9. O Boi E O Carneirnho - Priscilla Ermel
10. Tutu Evora - Mawaca
11. Boi De Cara Preta/Tutu Maramba/Nana Nenem - Tomaz Lima
12. Nana Pra Brinca - Vange Milliet/Paulo Lepetit
13. Tres Beijinhos (Three Little Kisses) - Rodrigo Alzuguir
14. Sono De Gibi (Comic Book Sleep) - Helio Ziskind
15. Carneirinho 1, 2, 3 (Little Sheep 1, 2, 3) - Sandra Peres
16. Curio - Marcio Lott
17. Murucututu do Murundu (Owl on the Mountain) - Magda Pucci

Total Running Time: 51:21


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