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Sounds of the Earth: The Sea CD

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Sounds of the Earth: The Sea CD


The Sea CD By Sounds of the Earth encompasses both the roaring power and the soothing, gentler sound of the sea.

The Sea: Calm - Track 1
Imagine lying on a beach, as your ears are caressed by the soft waves on the shore. The gentle waves splash around rock pools, lapping gently as the tide drifts in and out.

The Sea: Surf - Track 2
Listen as the sea gets rougher, with waves breaking and pulling back on a long steep beach. Hear the powerful crashes as the surf slams into distant breakers and up close on the rocky coast.

The Sea CD is part of the Sounds of the Earth series of nature sound recordings. There is no music, no voices, and no manmade sounds. Sounds of the Earth bids you welcome to the wild and the fragile sounds of nature.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Med Goodall
Label: Oreade Music

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Sounds of the Earth: The Sea CD

1. The Sea: Calm
2. The Sea: Surf

Total Running Time: 49:50


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