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Sounds of the Earth: Seasons CD

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Sounds of the Earth: Seasons CD


Listen to the Seasons CD by Sounds of the Earth as it captures a country stream through winter, spring, summer and fall. The mystery of the four seasons has inspired mankind since the dawn of time. Poets have searched for words and rhyme, composers for melodies and painters for their true colors. Each season truly has its own sounds.

  • Spring – dawn chorus, birds singing, light rain, small beck, mild breeze.
  • Summer – steam, small waterfall, summer birdsong, nesting birds, swallows arrive.
  • Late summer – crickets, grasshoppers, sheep and cattle grazing.
  • Autumn – river, early winds, birdsong, gentle rains.
  • Late autumn – winds and heavier rain.
  • Winter – rain on windowpane, heavier winds, stormy days, quiet birds.
  • Spring returns – with birds singing.

The Seasons CD is part of the Sounds of the Earth series of nature sound recordings. There is no music, no voices, and no manmade sounds. Sounds of the Earth bids you welcome to the wild and the fragile sounds of nature.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Medwyn Goodall
Label: Oreade Music

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Sounds of the Earth: Seasons CD:

1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Late Summer
4. Autumn
5. Late Autumn
6. Winter
7. Spring Returns

Total Running Time: 51:13


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