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Papa's Lullaby CD

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Papa's Lullaby CD


The Papa’s Lullaby CD is a beautiful and unique collection of authentic lullabies from around the world celebrating the universal quality of a father's love.

Superb artistry on classical guitar, wooden flutes, thumb piano, mandolin, cello, and more accompanied by tender voices of loving fathers will ease your little ones to sleep.

The sun sleeps, the stars sleep,
And the moon yawns.
From behind the little cloud
It whispers to the star...
""Sleep my darling child""

Includes lullabies from Brazil, Italy, Puerto Rico, France, Denmark, Greece, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Russia, Sicily, The United States, Venezuela, Ukraine, India, and Spain.

The notes include original lyrics and English translations.

The Papa’s Lullaby CD has been awarded the Parents' Choice award by the Parent's Choice Foundation.

A portion of each sale of the Papa’s Lullaby CD goes to helping Ellipsis Arts & Childreach to support children in developing countries around the world.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: Ellipsis Arts

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Papa's Lullaby CD:

1. Piccolo Girasole (My Little Sunflower) - Italy
2. Canción Para Dormir Una Muñeca (Song to Put a Doll to Sleep) - Argentina
3. Stille, Hjerte, Sol Gaar Ned (Quiet, Heart, Sunsets) - Denmark
4. Estrella de Mi Vida (Star of My Life) - Spain
5. Sone Prehodyet Na Parog (Sleep Has Arrived at the Doorway) - Russia
6. Duermete Mi Niño (Sleep, My Little One) - Venezuela
7. Puchi's Lullaby - Puerto Rico
8. Meu Boi da Cara Preta (My Black-Faced Bull) - Brazil
9. Mon Ch'tit, Vrai Bout d'Rien (My Little Dear One) - France
10. Lori (Lullaby) - India
11. La Vo' (Sleep My Beauty) - Sicily
12. Kolyskova Vivchara (Shepherd's Lullaby) - Ukraine
13. Nanourisma (Lullaby) - Greece
14. Chinyarara Gotwe Rangu (Be Peaceful, My Last Born Child) - Zimbabwe
15. Lullaby for Erin - United States

Total Running Time: 62:15


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