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Mother Earth Lullaby CD

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Mother Earth Lullaby CD


The Mother Earth Lullaby CD, with its original and traditional irresistibly sleepy collection of lullabies, remind us that we all share a common Mother Earth as well as a common love for our children.

Musicians from Italy, France, Cuba, Argentina, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Spain, Venezuela, Russia and Brazil all lend their voices to echo this universal sentiment.

As your little ones drift off to sleep, your whole family will delight in the sweet messages of love and peace that shine through from the far corners of our Mother Earth.

24-page booklet includes the original lyrics and English translations.

The Mother Earth Lullaby CD has been awarded the Parents' Choice award by the Parent's Choice Foundation.

A portion of each sale of the Mother Earth Lullaby CD goes to helping Ellipsis Arts & Childreach to support children in developing countries around the world.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: Ellipsis Arts

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Mother Earth Lullaby CD:

1. Flor E Estrela (Flower and Star) - Brazil
2. Dormi, Dormi (Sleep Little One, Sleep) - Italy
3. Close Your Eyes - United States
4. Maya Luz - Mexico
5. Phlúirín Mhilis (Little Treasure) - Ireland
6. Sueños de Milonga - Argentina
7. La Berceuse d'Angela (Lullaby for Angela) - France
8. Cancion de Cuna (Cradle Song) - Cuba
9. Abbobbò (Go to Sleep) - Sicily
10. Spyat Ustalie Egrushki (The Tired Toys are Sleeping) - Russia
11. Canto Di Cibele (Song of Cybele) - Italy
12. Saraswati's Dream - India
13. Mwanangu (My Child) - Zimbabwe
14. Todo Ya Está en Calma (All is Calm) - Spain
15. Nana (Lullaby) - Spain
16. Mi Tripón (My Tummy Boy) - Venezuela
17. Sleep My Wee Child - Ireland

Total Running Time: 63:21


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