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Minnesota Series: Call of the Wild CD

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Minnesota Series: Call of the Wild CD


The Call of the Wild CD offers the experience of a Minnesota wilderness where wild wolves still roam and howl into the night sky.  This recording captures the haunting spirit of Minnesota's wolves.  On track one, listen to the lonely cry of the wolf as it echoes in the bitter cold of a Minnesota winter.  On track two, the return of summer brings a new litter of wolf pups that frolic among the wolf pack amid the splendor of Minnesota's forests.

The Call of the Wild CD is part of the Minnesota Series of environmental recordings. Enjoy these authentic wolf sounds recorded and mastered digitally in enhanced stereo.  This is the earth's unadulterated voice, as pure and as simple as nature can make it. Listen to the voice of the earth.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: North Quest

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Minnesota Series: Call of the Wild CD:

1. Winter Wolves
2. Call of the Wild

Total Running Time: 55:28


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