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Gamma Meditation System CD

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Gamma Meditation System CD


The Gamma Meditation System CD by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson will help you experience deep meditative states, heighten awareness and perception, and become more open to compassion.

In cooperation with the Dalai Lama, researchers have investigated the brainwave patterns of Tibetan Buddhist monks in states of deep meditation. The studies reveal that these advanced meditators produced high levels of a brainwave called Gamma.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a pioneer in the use of sound for healing and altering states of mind, has created a powerful CD program, which weaves subtle pulses of Gamma brainwave frequencies into a multi-layered musical soundtrack. Your own brainwaves “lock on” to these Gamma waves and move you easily into states of deep meditation, heightened self-awareness, and unity with the world around you.

Simply listen to the Gamma Mediation System CD in the background as you meditate or use the visualization and meditation exercises included in the enclosed booklet.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s pioneering work over the past 20 years has led to groundbreaking discoveries in how sound frequency patterns built into musical soundtracks induce brainwave entrainment. Fortune 500 companies, healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, meditation groups, and individuals worldwide use Dr. Thompson’s many audio programs for deep relaxation, healing, inner exploration, and meditation.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Label: The Relaxation Company

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Gamma Meditation System CD:

1. Inner Mind (30:45)
2. Outer World (30:11)

Total Running Time: 60:56


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