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Earthscapes: Dawn Chorus CD

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Earthscapes: Dawn Chorus CD


The Dawn Chorus CD by Earthscapes will remind you of the peaceful woodland morning time when the sun begins to rise and the ambiance of birdsongs fill the air. Listen as the sounds of nighttime insects and crickets start to recede. The dawn chorus of birds awakens and announces the beginning of a new day. Listen to the owl hoot, the wood pigeon coo, and a robin call out to the woodpeckers as the woodland forest stirs in the morning.

The Dawn Chorus CD is part of the Earthscapes series of environmental recordings. Enjoy the pure natural sound of nature's voice. Recorded and mastered digitally in enhanced stereo, this is the earth's unadulterated voice, as pure and as simple as nature can make it. Listen to the voice of the earth.

Format: CD
Primary Artists: Various
Label: North Quest

Sound Sample:

Track Listing:

Earthscapes: Dawn Chorus CD:

1. Dawn Chorus - Track 1
2. Dawn Chorus - Track 2

Total Running Time: 49:33


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